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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Davenport Addresses Your Questions


What is the tuition fee to attend Bridgeway?

Bridgeway is a public charter school, therefore it is a non-tuition option for parents seeking an education outside of the traditional public school settings. The only tuition associated with Bridgeway is for Pre-K students who do not meet federal guidelines to attend a Pre-K program at no cost (see the question and answer below).


Who is eligible for the non-tuition PK3 and PK4 program?

Visit this website https://tea.texas.gov/ece/eligibility.aspx to view guidelines for program eligibility.


What if my child doesn’t meet the federal guidelines to attend a Pre-K program for free?

If your child doesn’t meet the federal guidelines to attend a Pre-K program for free, you have the option to pay a reasonable monthly tuition rate. The governing board is in the process of determining this fee and will release it by the end of February.


Where will the school be located?

The physical location will be in the Carrollton/Farmers Branch area. We have narrowed down our search to two buildings and are in negotiations. As soon as we secure a location, we will send out an email blast with details. Become a BPA Email Subscriber on our Home Page and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.


What makes Bridgeway different?

Bridgeway Preparatory Academy is providing an inclusive educational environment for all children.  We are adopting the Harvard developed Universal Design for Learning framework that will enable educators to provide a personalized educational plan for each child.  This plan will be developed by school staff, parents and related services personnel.


Do I live within the school’s boundary?

The following cities are included in the primary boundary: Addison, Carrollton/Farmers Branch, Dallas (north of I-30), Irving, Plano, Lewisville, and Richardson. The secondary boundary includes all cities within Dallas County.


Is childcare available before and after school?

The Champions program will provide child care before school, after school, and when school is not in session for a reasonable fee.


What’s the teacher-student ratio?

Bridgeway will implement a co-teaching model. Each class will have up to 26 students. There will be a 13 to 1 student-teacher ratio, per core subject, in grades 3-5. Each core classroom will have a general education teacher and a special education teacher. PreK 3-4 will have a teacher and an aide per 26 students.


Will there be uniforms?

Yes. We are currently working with our vendor to finalize the uniform options and costs. As soon as the details are finalized, we will release the uniform options and costs.  We will work with families who can’t afford to pay the full price for uniforms.


Is this school just for students with special needs?

No, this school is for all students. Our experience has been that all students have a unique social, emotional, behavioral, and/or educational need. Our motto is, “For Families Who Know Their Child Can Do More – We Agree.”


When and where can I enroll?

Now!  Please click HERE to complete the application for your child.